Spiritual Soul Of People Practice Shalawat Wahidiyah

  • Yuni Pangestutiani IAI Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
  • Muhamad Ali Anwar IAI Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk


Shalawat Wahidiyah is practice guidance outward and inner in the series of Do’ a Shalawat to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as written of sheet Shalawat Wahidiyah, include the way and learning experience. There are five teachings of Wahidiyah that must be implemented in daily life, Now the meaning of the lesson Wahidiyah is Practice guidance inner and outward in implementation the massager of Rasulullah includes sharia and essence, increasing faith, Islamic implementation, and present Ihsan, creating moral or Akhlak. An activity of people practices Shalawat Wahidiyah is Mujahadah Yaumiyah (daily), Mujahadah Usbu’iyyah (weekly), Mujahadah Syahriyah (monthly), and Mujahadah Kubra (big). Mujahadah in Wahidiyah is a fight of lust seriously directed to self-awareness  Fafirru Ila Allah wa Rasullih. The implementation of Mujahadah Shalawat Wahidiyah, there is a reader of Nida’ from four corners with stand up, its mean mentality invites to all people Jami’al ‘Alamin themselves, and family in other that aware and subjugate to Allah SWT. Dana Box is a Wahidiyah lesson from Muallif, to apply by people practice by Wahidiyah routine with ability, awareness and each sincerity. Broadcasting Shalawat Wahidiyah can be lived in a large society without seeing fur, the basic of broadcasting without seeing fur is following Rasulullah Saw track.