Education in Conflict Structural Perspective

  • Muhammad Syaifullah IAI Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
Keywords: Education, Perspectives, Structural Conflict


The study and analysis of the sociology of education initiated by Durkheim and Weber and their students' resumes. Social paradigm of education development initiated by the figures - figures from the world of education of the United States and also from European countries. In Indonesia alone, the study of sociology and sociology of education is long enough to be introduced, namely through the course on student teachers in colleges with the aim that students have the vision and mission as well as the ability to see the educational process sociologically .

In the sociology of education there are a variety of perspectives, including the perspective of macro-dimensional study (study objective approach) and micro-dimensional perspective study (study subjective approach). In studying the problem of education, sociology oriented macros will look at institutions, groups, educational and cultural structures. Theory - social theory is the study of the macro as functional structural theory, the structure of the conflict, Marxian, and dependent theory, tend to look at how education is organized, educational institutions are formed, and school culture is a socialized and developed educational system. setbacksin education sought an explanation from behind the school and the structure of the system or the system or the structure of society. These studies look at how the educational system is developed, who benefits from the system, whether an education system that was developed to create a sense of justice