Islamic Education In The Prespective Of Islamic Nusantara

  • Nik Hariyati IAI Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
Keywords: Islamic Education, Islamic Nusantara


This research is grounded by the phenomenon that requires for Islamic education to return to its historical roots, this is done to affirm identity, character, and uniqueness. Indonesian Islamic Education can not be separated from the history of da'wah and its characteristics pioneered by the guardians, merchants, mubaligh. History becomes the main reflection as well as the main data to formulate the ideal type of Islamic education or the present. There is a spirit that is timeless, even underlying the ideal education model in the contemporary era that is the spirit of Islamic education ala the wali find the momentum and at the same time the container through three existing educational institutions: cottage, campus, and customary institutions. All three require integration effort, synergy, and contextual modification. If the system of these three institutions are connected then the epistemology of Islamic education typical of the archipelago can be realized.