The Impacts Of Learning Motivation, Teaching Quality And Peers On Academic Achevements In Cost Accounting Course

  • Novi Nugrahani State Polytechnic of Malang Malang, Indonesia
  • Anna Isrowiyah State Polytechnic of Malang Malang Indonesia
  • Achmad Jarnuzi State Polytechnic of Malang Indonesia
Keywords: learning motivation, teaching quality, cost accounting


Academic achievements signify students' subject mastery. There are two factors influencing academic achevements, which are internal and extenal factors. Internal factors come from within the students' own psyches and the external factors are factors that influence students from outside of their psyches. According to Slameto (2010:54), internal factors include physical health, disability status, intelligence, attention, interest, talent, learning motivation, readiness, attitude, and fatigue. External factors include parenting techniques, family relationship, house atmosphere, teaching technques, teacher-student relationship, building condition, peers and school time. This research aims to analyze the impacts of learning motication, teaching quality and peers on academic achievement in cost accounting course. Tbe populations of this research are 199 third semester Diploma 4 and Diploma 3 students of Accounting Major in State Polytechnic of Malang The research method utilized is dual regression analysis. The results of this research indicate that learning motivation has positive and significant results on academic achievements, while teaching quality and peers do not influence academic achievements in Cost Accounting course. Simultaneously, learning motivation, teaching quality, and peers positively and significantly influence the academic achievement in Cost Accounting course.