Learning Tools Development With Project Based Learning Model To Improve The Critical Thinking Ability Of Primary School Students In Science Subject

  • Ayu Hartini IAI Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
Keywords: Eligibility of instructional devices, IPA, Project based learning model, Critical thinking


This study aims to develop a decent learning tools (valid, practical, and effective). This research is based on the low ability of critical thinking of students. This research uses Dick & Carey model which is tested on grade V SDN Kebraon 1. The result of research shows that learning tools developed reaches average score above 3,6 which means valid. The test results of practicality of instructional devices show the average percentage obtained exceeds 75% which means performed very well. While the results of the effectiveness test is known that the percentage obtained exceeds 75% which means the response of students is very positive, and equal to 58.3% increased N-Gain calculation after the critical thinking evaluation test. The final results indicate that learning tools developed are appropriate for use in the learning process.