The Importance Of Educational Psychology For Teachers

  • Sokip IAIN Tulungagung, Jawa Timur
Keywords: Educational Psychology, Teachers, Successful teaching


This study aims to reveal the important of the existence of educational psychology for teacher in classroom teaching and to describe the nature of educational psychology, the benefits of educational psychology for teachers, the difference between teachers who have not and have studied educational psychology, the important role of educational psychology for teachers, and the subject of educational psychology that teachers need to know in the learning process. To answer the research question here researcher used library research design, in which the data collection in this study was carried out by examining or exploring several journals, books, and several documents as well as several other sources of data or information deemed relevant to this research. The results of this study explained that it is required for teachers and prospective teachers to be able to manage the class and have sufficient knowledge about educational psychology and it is not only mastered on the subject matter. It aims to determine the development of students, both the needs and interests of their students. For teachers who have never studied educational psychology, instinct and experience can be used by teachers in teaching their students. These actions can be done when facing problems at school. Besides, knowledge about educational psychology can serve as a support.