A Textual Discourse Analysis Of Song Lyrics:“2019 Ganti Presiden”

  • Rona Merita Institute for Islamic Studies (IAI) Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
  • Atour Rohman Syahroni MIN 10 Nganjuk Nganjuk, Indonesia
Keywords: Song Lyrics, Discourse Analysis, Textual


This paper aims to describe a discourse analysis of song lyrics created by Johny Sang Alang entitled “2019 Ganti Presiden”. This term focuses on textual discourse analysis. Textual analysis is an internal analysis based on the song lyrics itself. This study is a descriptive analysis. The result shows that the song writer produces the meaningful text , the several words are chosen to present the situation on it. In this case, grammatical and lexical aspects are used. In grammatical aspect, it is divided into four parts, namely reference, substitution, ellipsis, and conjunction. Moreover, in lexical aspect, it is found repetition, Synonym, and collocation.