The Importance Of English And Easy Method For Increasing Capability In English Speaking

  • Sakariya Sibu
Keywords: method, communication, importance of English, English language


English As social beings human beings need to communicate to each other communication is very important because everything is impossible to be done without communication. Human beings use language as the means of communication. Since the prehistoric era until the current era language always develops. Communication is more effective because world develops language itself. The language concept including grammar and parole is the speech concept. Nowadays in the global era communication has become one of the most crucial elements. Without good communication people from different nations won’t be able to understand each other. When people don’t understand each other there are possibilities that misunderstanding will happen need to understand each other with good communication urges people to acquire global languages among the most important and influencing language is English language. But in the process of learning English it's not as easy as we think especially in mastering and improving speaking skills. Someone studied English long enough but it was still difficult when they wanted to communicate with other. On the contrary someone learns to speak English in a short time but can master speaking English well. So, learning speaking English must need the right way to get maximum results. Of all the four macro English skills, speaking seems to be the most important skill required for communication. The study was under taken to understand the importance and the easy method for increasing the capability in English speaking skill.