Pesantren Islamic Boarding School and Social Change

  • Muhamad Ali Anwar Institute for Islamic Studies (IAI) Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
  • Riduwan Riduwan Institute for Islamic Studies (IAI) Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk
Keywords: Social, Change, Pesantren


The history of Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) has strategic as mediator or connector a community to combine of interpretation between society and government. Since colonial, Islamic boarding school as a center of resistance and defense after colonialism success dominates Indonesia kingdoms. Kiai (teacher in Pesantren) and Santri (student) also participates on to repel communist which want to change an ideology of Indonesia national as atheism ideology. Empirically pesantren has decrease from the function and the role of pesantren at that time. There are many challenges is appeared. Modernization, globalization, and industrialization are a new challenge for pesantren. Pesantren must be able to organize itself like human resources, and another management.