• ICESS: Education, Constitutional Law, Economics And Management, Sociology

    International proceeding of ICESS (International conference of education and social science) with keynote speakers Prof. Dr. H. Akhyak, M.Ag (Indonesia), Dr. Mohamad Zain Musa (Cambodia ), Dr Nek Mah Binte Batri (Singapore ), Dr. H. Soim (Indonesia) and Sakariya Sibu (Thailand ). Classified into five science includes education, constitutional law, economic and management, sociology, linguistic and phillosophy with policy, practice and theoretical form .the language is used English, Arabic and Indonesia.

  • ICOLEESS: International Conference on Language, Education, Economic and Social Science

    Based on the articles in this proceeding we can conclude that it is important for academicians, researchers, students, and practitioners to overview and understanding of the education, language, economic, and social science. In education, lecturers or teachers need to know the strategies of teaching and learning in or out of the classroom. Actualizing all aspects concerning the enhancement of education, encouraging lecturers or teachers to grasp for quality in terms of education and strategies of the teaching and learning so that they become more professionals. Teachers should create a good communication atmosphere for the students in the classroom. Besides, create various activities to carry out the teaching-learning process more effectively. The explanation about the language materials or theories helps them in making the language class run easily. Language research gives the experience to the lecturer or teacher to engage language in professional development. The innovative ways, solutions, and good organizing events increase the efficiency of economic activities. Social issues studied from research. It will enrich knowledge and broaden the insights of current issues and information in the areas of social sciences. As we know that the development of social science has a big influence on human life.